Top Attractions, Shopping and Nightlife in Birmingham

Birmingham is the most populated British city. It is a metropolitan city situated in the West Midlands country of England. It is a beautiful city for family vacations. It was also known as the “City of Trades.” Globalization and World Cities Research Network stated Birmingham as a gamma-world city.


The beautiful city has lots of places to visit. There are many entertaining places, which can make your trip more interesting. Some attractive points of the city are: –

Drayton Manor Theme Park: -It is a park in Tamworth, Birmingham. It is a place for family fun.

Millennium Point: -It is located on Curzon Street. It is an innovative museum for science lovers.

Aston Science Park: -It is situated in Holt St, Birmingham. It is an interesting place to visit.

National Exhibition Center: -it is the largest exhibition center and it hosts moreover 160 exhibitions in a year.

Victoria Square Birmingham: -It is a very attractive place. It depicts the beauty of Birmingham.

The National Sea Life Center: -Is situated in Brindley Pl Birmingham. It is an awesome place to get a view of sea life.

Cadbury World Museum: -It is located in Linden Rd Birmingham. You can have a fantastic family day at Cadbury World Museum.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: -It is situated in Chamberline Square of Birmingham. It has an amazing collection of paintings, archaeological collections, etc.

Sutton Park: -It is situated in Park Road, Sutton Coldfield. This is a beautiful park, which gives a deep view of wildlife.

Hippodrome Theatre: -It is a horse-riding stadium situated in the center of Birmingham.


  • Britannia Hotel Birmingham
  • Radisson Blu Birmingham
  • Ramada Encore Birmingham
  • Quality Hotel Birmingham
  • Arc Apartments BY Stay Birmingham
  • The Edgbaston Palace hotel
  • Nitenite Birmingham


It is a cool place for shopping. There are various shopping malls and centers where you can enjoy good shopping.

  • Bullring Shopping Center
  • Corporation Street
  • Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

These are some most popular shopping places in the city.


With great excitement and passion, Birmingham enjoys fabulous nightlife. Numerous restaurants, clubs, pubs, and nightspots make the life of this charming city more interesting and joyful. Live bands and comedy shows add more enjoyment to life.

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Famous Bars/Clubs

  • The Medicine Bar
  • The Sanctuary
  • The Rainbow pub

Best time to visit Birmingham

The city blushes throughout the year. It has its own beauty in every season. But the most appropriate time to visit Birmingham is in winter. As Birmingham is a snowy city, it looks like heaven in winters. Mostly the tourists came to the city to see the winter and snowy views of this wonderful city.

Ballet In Birmingham

The Birmingham Royal Ballet company, prior to its name change, was based in London and known as the Saddlers Wells Royal Ballet, the Royal Ballets’ little sister. Since its move from London in 1990 and its name change, it has grown into an internationally known company.

At the time, the proposed move in the dance world was a very well kept secret, and when it did break there were as many doubters, as Birmingham at the time was not even a city on the dance map, as there were well-wishers who could see the long term potential of such a diverse move. Some of the original cast left the company and a number of those who stayed were not, at the time, happy with the thought of such a move.

This year, with the London/North London link now no more, the company is celebrating its twentieth anniversary as an independent and internationally acclaimed organization. Its rebirth is a triumph of regional ingenuity over metropolitan complacency. At the time the Saddlers Wells Royal Ballet was certainly floundering in London, with poor facilities and extremely tight funding, Birmingham City Council, after much thought, deliberation, and a crystal ball to look at the city’s future, as they saw it, offered the company a future in Birmingham, with the Birmingham Hippodrome as its base. If you like The Birmingham Ballet as considering a move to the Hippodrome you may consider needing to hire a skip to deal with all your waste and waste management.

The company move brought an obvious name change to the now renowned Birmingham Royal Ballet. The Hippodrome itself has been redeveloped and the current fifty-eight dancers now enjoy the kind of facilities their predecessors could only have dreamt about at their London venue.

The company performs on a much larger stage, rehearse in bigger studios, have their own orchestra and a center for the prevention and treatment of injuries. They also have a convenient base for all forms of transport to maintain an active touring program.

The company now acts as a magnet for dance in the city, with the Hippodrome now devoting a third of its programming to the art form. Since 2002 the Hippodrome, Ballet Company, and DanceXchange have been working together to give opportunities for people from all walks of life to engage as participants, performers,s or audience members.

David Bintley has been the company’s Artistic Director for the past fifteen years and during that time he has reshaped the BRB in his own image. As a choreographer, he has produced a number of full-length ballets from Arthur, Beauty and the Beast, Far from the Maddening Crowd, and Sylvia as well as programming some mixed bills that have showcased a more international repertoire.

A London Architect in Birmingham – Birmingham Hippodrome

Well here is the comparison of my Cultural Life in Birmingham, after London, which although not extensive, is based on my personal experiences, however, I have provided links for each establishment for further information.

Performance Venues of London

Obviously in London, we were spoilt for choice when it came to our performance options. Our desire for contemporary dance would be further quelled by the nearby and ever-improving Place theatre, in Euston, whereas our multi-cultural thirsts were quenched by the Kathak and Bharatnatyam shows at The Bhavan in West Kensington and The Nehru Centre in Mayfair.

Our passion for live theatre was satiated by the intimate Pit theatre, at the Barbican, which has provided the RSC with one of the best venues, they ever had, whilst the various guises of The Almeida Theatre were also in easy access when living in North London. However, The South Bank had also been a regular source of entertainment in our time in London, with its National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall, and its more intimate neighbors, The Purcell Room and Queen Elizabeth Hall, all providing venues for a variety of performances ranging from South Asian Dance to British Youth Opera productions as well as the more usual renditions of the Classics.

Just down the road from there, The Globe Theatre provided the summer outdoor alternative, which although is sometimes harshly criticized for its productions of Shakespeare’s History plays or Tragedies, is definitely one of the better arenas to experience his comedies. These summer months would often have seen us head for the open-air outings at Holland Park Opera, the Proms at Kenwood House, and Regents Park Theatre always armed with our obligatory pre-performance picnics (even at the downpour at Marble Hill House Concert, the show went on!)

Art Galleries / Museums of London

The autumnal / winter months would be spent at our favorite art Institutions, The Royal Academy, The V&A, The National Gallery, The British Museum, and Tate Britain. As most of us were either members or on ‘friends schemes’ for these institutions we’d venture to most, if not all, the exhibitions that were on offer at these major venues. With such huge collections, one could never get tired as you were literally spoilt for choice, although I can say that in my time in London I had managed to visit every gallery/room of all of the aforementioned institutions.

London’s Contemporary Art Scene However London would also, of course, offer countless opportunities to sample smaller contemporary exhibitions, and not just at the famous Tate Modern but also numerous smaller venues. Within our North London location, we’d have easy access to The Victoria Miro Gallery, The Estorick, The Lisson, and The Camden Arts Centre whilst a quick tube ride would get us to The White Cube at Hoxton or Whitechapel Gallery. Our trips to the center were generally restricted to The Serpentine, The Hayward, or the ICA (which we also joined), whilst we’d rarely venture south for any other contemporary gallery other than the infamous Tate Modern.

So, with all that London was providing us what would Birmingham offer us after the re-location?

Performance Venues of Birmingham

After moving to Birmingham city center to set up Lotus Architects, I found myself living and working just yards from The Hippodrome, Birmingham’s main venue for a variety of top attractions ranging from West End Musicals, touring productions of the Welsh National Opera as well as being the home of the relocated Birmingham Royal Ballet. They, like myself, left their North London home to ‘live’ in Birmingham, albeit a few years ahead of me. If you’re ever considering moving your business to the Hippodrome you may consider Birmingham Skip Hire for all your waste management needs.

Having terminated my Royal Academy, Tate, and ICA memberships my first enrolments came at the great Birmingham Hippodrome and the fantastic Birmingham Royal Ballet which recently won the final ever South Bank Show Award for the dance section. The Hippodrome also houses the Dance Xchange which provides a complex program of artistic support, education, performances, which with its Patrick Centre venue provides a variety of classic and contemporary dance from Jazz & Hip Hop to Tap Dancing and Capoeira as well including Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and Bollywood in its listings.

Birmingham Hippodrome – Birmingham’s Best Activities

Birmingham is the second-largest city in England, and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. It isn’t the prettiest city in the British Isles, but it stands as one of the most important industrial centers in the modern world. The city of Birmingham still welcomes plenty of visitors, especially in the downtown area. An abundance of Birmingham City Centre hotels can be found for tourists.

Getting into this West Midlands city is most easily achieved by air. The Birmingham International Airport is found 12kms from the heart of the city. Taxis take about 20 minutes to get from the airport to downtown Birmingham. Trains and highways also connect the city with London and other English settlements.

Upon arrival, visitors will have a chance to see plenty of sites. However, they will also be able to find lots of things to do while staying in downtown Birmingham. The following list presents the best activities the downtown area has to offer.

Football – there is no better way to spend half a day in Birmingham downtown than to head to the football. The city has two teams in the top flight…well, it had two teams in the top flight premier league football competition. Now, Aston Villa FC is the team with bragging rights since Birmingham City FC was relegated last season. Nevertheless, excellent atmospheres and top-notch football can be seen in the heart of Birmingham.

Botanical Gardens – located in the southwestern part of central Birmingham is the city’s botanical gardens. The park is a large green zone that welcomes thousands of people each day. Perfect for getting away from the bustling inner-city of Birmingham.

Thinktank – this fabulous science museum is choc-a-block full of interesting activities for the whole family. Located next to the University of Aston campus in the city center’s northeast, the Thinktank promotes science like never before. Come and enjoy an entire day in this magnificent museum. It isn’t just for children, as there are plenty of adult-oriented exhibits on display.

Museum of the Jewelry Quarter – tours of the Jewelry Museum within the jewelry quarter of Birmingham are available. This small but exciting museum tour will take visitors back to the workings of the Jewelry Quarter.

Nightclubbing – nightclubbing is almost an expected activity for visitors to do at least once in their Birmingham holiday. The center of the city is home to plenty of drinking spots and dance clubs. Student nights are particularly fun, but it goes without saying that tourists should be on their best behavior when pub crawling.

The Custard Factory – for a slice of culture and amazement, visit the custard factory. Home to many shops during daylight hours, the center is turned upside down when the sun goes down. Sometimes the central pool is turned into a dance floor!

Quizzes – for a fun night out, visitors can try their knowledge levels at one of the many quiz nights found throughout the center of the city. Test against complete strangers or friends in this friendly atmosphere.

Cinema – although the city of Birmingham isn’t an ‘alternative’ cinema city, there are plenty of regular movie cinemas to enjoy international films, including Hollywood blockbusters.

Theatre – places like the Birmingham Hippodrome and the Alexandra Theatre provide many live performances and plays throughout the year. There are many smaller theatres found in the city center, so it is best to pick up theatre guides at tourist boxes around town.

Bullring Shopping – the center of Birmingham’s downtown shopping activities are found around the Bullring Shopping Complex. Once an industrial structure that looked rather unappealing, the modern ‘Bullring’ is the new face of contemporary Birmingham, offering plenty of shopping stores to explore. If you’re a new business owner at the Hippodrome and have renovated your shop, it may be worth ordering a skip to get rid of all your waste. Consider Birmingham Skip Hire.